Race 7

RACE DETAILS AND RESULTS BELOW (please also refer to the Home page of this website for full details)


Penge CC


Crystal Palace Park



Youth E and F (the two youngest categories) will take part in a Time Trial around a short flat tarmac circuit. The other age categories will take part in a hill-climb Time Trial. And.....

Youth D, E and F will also have a group race (a scratch race) in their respective age categories. Riders in the Youth A, B and C categories will also take part in two shorter group races; an elimination race and a scratch race, again in their respective age categories - although as is often the case Youth A and B may be combined with results teased apart - league points will awarded based on the combined result of the two races i.e. despite there being two group races the same points are available as in every other round of the league.


Saturday 18/5/24


Riders with years of birth 2014 and later [categories F, E, D] – Register, pay, get bibs 9:30 to 10:00am, Racing approx 10:00 to 11:30am, Race Presentations (for previous race day 11:30am)

Riders with years of birth 2008 to 2013 [categories C, B, A] – Register, pay, get bibs 11:00 to 11:30am, Racing approx 11:30 to 13:00pm, Race Presentations (for previous race day 13:00pm)

(Registration timings are fixed, race timings may vary depending on numbers racing, but won’t start earlier than stated)


On the day payment: £5-00, two races for each rider, cash on the day, please bring correct change. If you have registered in advance the payment on the day will be £4-50 provided you bring that exact amount in cash 


It will really help us and you on the day if you could register in advance by clicking here: 


Advanced registration will close during the day before the race, so please make your advanced registration the day before that

Don't worry - if you don't manage to register in advance, you can still turn up on the day, register and race.


Crystal Palace Park, Anerley Hill, London SE19 2BA - exact location as on this map


Free parking is available in the park. The closest car park to the racing venue is reached via the gate on Anerley Road, A214.

 - see map

Sign on and race HQ will be located above the concert bowl stage (aka The Rusty Laptop). The nearest landmark is a statue of Dante – known locally as The Headless Statue for obvious reasons – which is marked on Google Maps here: https://tinyurl.com/2mca389n .

There are no changing facilities at the park. The nearest toilets are located inside the Laptop stage, which is accessed via a bridge over the lake. Under no circumstances may any bicycles be taken across the bridge on to the stage. The lake around the stage is not fenced off, and young children must be supervised by parents or carers when visiting the stage. Other public toilets are available, but these are about 800m away so budget plenty of time if you need to go ahead of your race- see map


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