South London Go-Ride Racing League

What is the South London Go-Ride Racing League:

The South London Go-Ride Racing League put on entry level 'Go-Ride' children's cycle races in South London. They are organised by four local cycling clubs for children: Limited Edition Cycling Club, Penge Cycling Club, Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club and the Bigfoot Youth Cycle Club. Go-Ride races are entry level races for riders with little or no racing experience and are arranged under the auspices of British Cycling.

Age categories:

Age category and year of birth to qualify for this age category:

F – born 2018 and later

E – born 2016 and 2017

D – born 2014 and 2015

C – born 2012 and 2013

B – born 2010 and 2011

A – born 2008 and 2009


2023/24 SEASON

For everything you need to know about our race series, see our 'everything you need to know' section below. 

Everything you need to know:

Everything you need to know can be found in our Information Sheet - here - you must read this before taking part in this race league. IMPORTANT: the sheet's first page details who can / can not participate in this race series based on their past racing experience. 

Before taking part in this race league you must also read our Rider Entry Form - here

Before taking part in this race league you must also read our Data Privacy Notice - here

Details of each race and the results can be found in the menu. 

We have an archive of photographs in the Photos section of the menu.

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